A wide selection of bridesmaid dresses from Moddress

The wedding planning has begun. We have booked a venue and I have asked four wonderful women to be my bridesmaids now the scary bit... cheap bridesmaid dresses buying!There are so many things to think about, number one of which is I don't want to make four of the most important women in my life unhappy. When one of them is unhappy it's is bad enough, imagine four at once - I am having nightmares about it and getting my 'it actually looks really nice' phrasing ready.Dilemma two is style of dress. Should you choose one dress that they all...

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Cheap Long Sleeved Looks from Moddress

Long sleeved dresses are usually a rarity. Most girls opt for a strapless or sleeveless formal gown, but long sleeved dresses have such an elegant and unique feel. Luckily, Moddress has not overlooked the classic beauty of long sleeves! If you are wanting a look that stands out from the crowd, check out these long sleeved cheap prom dresses styles!  

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Full Floral Looks by Moddress

Floral looks have been popular for a while now, and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon! The great thing about floral looks is that they can come in any color or dress style, and automatically add a trendy feminine feel to the gown. Moddress has a wide range of cheap floral gowns to choose from- these are just a few of our favorite full floral looks! Moddress has given us so many gorgeous floral options that it was difficult to pick just three! Find more of the full floral looks under our website!

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